MY STORY: 3 years ago I decided I no longer wanted to work for corporate America and quit!!

I have 3 beautiful children and I was missing so much of their lives. From the time they were 6 weeks old I handed each of them off to the daycare provider and went back to work. I missed their first words, first steps and everything in between. These are things every mother deserves to see.

Fast forward 10 years and I was now missing out on their field trips, school parties and sporting events. I asked my husband what he thought about me quitting. He gave me the green light under the stipulation that I had to continue to make money. I worked every odd job you can think of from cleaning houses to babysitting. I was willing to do almost anything I could that made money but that I could do part time.

After a year and a half I realized what I was doing was not working! We were in major trouble financially. All of our credit cards were maxed out, we had a car title loan, owed several family members money and our water had just gotten shut off! I was devastated. I did not want to go back to work but didn't think I had another choice. Christmas was quickly approaching and I knew there was no way we were going to be able to buy any presents.

In October my husband went to his sisters house to watch football. They are a very sporty family. He got upset with her after he realized she was not even watching the game. He asked her what she was doing. She was texting and on her computer the whole time. She said she had just become a distributor for a health and wellness company called It Works. Their sizzle product was this crazy body wrap that toned, tightened and firmed almost anywhere in 45 minutes. She had just decided to post a few before and after pictures and it was blowing up! He came home and told me he thinks I should meet with her and get more information. The next day I signed up and haven't looked back.

14 month later and life is so amazing right now! Car title loan paid off and we bought a brand new 2013 ford f150. All utilities are on and paid. Credit card debt is almost paid off. We have money to spend on what we what now instead of cutting coupons as a means of survival( I still do it for fun though). Not only is the money I make working part time from home twice what I made at my corporate job, but I get to be with my family. I get to be the mom that surprises her kids and shows up at their school lunch, I get to be there for girl scout meetings, class parties and conferences. I get to be the first one to see my kids in the morning and right after school. I get to greet my husband with a kiss when he comes home from work. I also get to help real people get healthy and make money. I want to help everyone be able to do the same! If you want to start making money for yourself and building your business this year message me. You can work this business along side your current job or by itself, you can work it as much or s little as you want. I would love to help you succeed. Message or call me if you are ready to make a change!!

*update I earned a $15,000 bonus with this amazing company!! You can too💚

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